We share the same planet, the same space, the same air and the same musical notes. The same fears, the same tears and for some the same years. Happiness is universal, music is a way to happiness, so it makes sense that musicians are the torchbearers, lighting the way through song, melody, harmony and verse, connecting us and our stories with our emotions and our senses.

Through the connections that we all share, every person plays their part and has an influence on who we are and who we become, as does the era in which we live and the generation to which we belong.

Each individual brings to the world their own unique set of skills and influences and that’s how originality is achieved in the world where nothing is new. We are the conduits, interpreting and perhaps improving on, what has been and what will become, as we turn out our hearts and our hands towards happiness and understanding who we are and what makes us tick and why we came to be.

This writer understands his part in the play of all things, the light and shade, the changing of the seasons, the dance of patience and grace and melody as life unfolds and to those he touches with his music and those who touch him deeply with their time and energy and attention, there can never be another moment like this and I am grateful to you, dear listener, for giving me the space to share my joyful noise with you.

Love and respect,